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Alternatives To Placing Your Satellite Dish On A Building

Most people who have satellite internet love the high speed access they enjoy over dialup. And the fact that their dish has to be installed on the outside of their house may not really bother them at first. But even a small dish can take away from the attractiveness of a dwelling. Some satellite owners […]

How To Connect Your Satellite To Your TV

If you’re thinking about getting satellite television service, you will need to connect your satellite receiver to your television set in order to ensure your dish is pointing in the right direction. Your TV will display a meter that shows you how strong the signal is relative to where you’re pointing the dish so you […]

Latency And Your Satellite Internet Connection

Latency is defined as the delay between the request of data and the response to that request. And it can be a factor for anyone who uses the internet, but the term is mostly connected to satellite internet usage. Most satellites in geostationary orbit will experience high latency, due simply to the fact that the […]

Can Your Satellite Internet Service Handle Rain Fade?

You may have heard that some satellite internet service customers deal with annoying problem called rain fade. This occurs when cloud cover is low due to the weather. Rain fade can definitely interfere with your service, because the clouds block your dish’s connection to orbiting satellites. In addition, falling rain can interfere with your signal […]