Never Back Down is an action movie released in 2008. It’s the story of a teenager named Jake Tyler, and how his move to Florida with his mother affects his new life and relationships with his peers at his new high school.

The movie tells a familiar story; because the family is moving to support the professional tennis career of the main character’s younger brother, Jake has no choice but to go along. Although he was a football star in his old high school, Jake is faced with the unknown of being an outsider at his new school.

And an outsider’s life isn’t easy; thanks to an online video that shows him starting a fight at one of his football games, Jake is branded as a brawler with a quick temper, which results in all manner of challenges from those students who are involved in street fighting and mixed martial arts.

Jake’s talent for fighting ultimately wins the attention and the respect of his fellow students. However, neither of these comes without a physical and emotional price, one of the many important themes in this movie.

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