As the name suggests, Wifi, is a way of connecting your device to the Internet without having to be connected via some type of cord. A device that is Wi-Fi enabled can connect to the Internet using radio signals that are both received and transmitted within a network. This network, sometimes referred to as a hotspot, generally has a range of about 60 to 70 feet when set up indoors, but can be adapted to expand to a larger area.

Hotspots are easily increased in size simply by overlapping networks; e.g. setting up additional transmitters, or routers. To connect to a WiFi Network, a computer must come equipped with a wireless network Interface controller, which is a device that enables it to tap into a radio frequency that is shared by everyone on the network. Computers with interface controllers are often referred to as stations. As long as your station is within the range of the network, and you have access to that network, you will be able to get on the Internet by tapping into the radio signals!