You may have heard lots of talk about 3G and 4G along with LTE when reading information about mobile internet service. But what does it all mean? Basically, it all comes down to speed. 3G connections offer the ability to communicate via voice, use applications (such as Siri) and access the internet from a mobile device like a smart phone or tablet. The speed of a 3G connection offers fast 14 Mbit/s downloads. 4G is much faster at around 100Mbit/s, and is equivalent to having a Gigabit Ethernet home connection, one of the fastest you can get. 4G was designed to replace 3G and earlier connections, but huge wireless data usage has resulted in the evolution of a new technology, LTE. LTE stands for ‘long-term evolution’, and with this technology, no catch-up will be necessary, as it can handle both current and future demand for wireless data.