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How WiFi Works in Layman’s Terms

As the name suggests, Wifi, is a way of connecting your device to the Internet without having to be connected via some type of cord. A device that is Wi-Fi enabled can connect to the Internet using radio signals that are both received and transmitted within a network. This network, sometimes referred to as a […]

The Explanation Of Basic Internet Terms – Part II

In the first post about this topic, terms like ‘surf’ and ‘browser’ were explained. But this post is for those who want to know more about how the internet’s components work. One tool that’s used online is SSL, or Secure Socket Layer. It is used on shopping web sites to encrypt information like your credit […]

How To Measure Your Bandwidth Usage

If you’re looking into a different type or usage level of internet service, it may help to know how much bandwidth you’re currently using. And you can find out just how much you use each month by going online.  Just open your browser and visit your favourite search engine. Then, search for applications that measure […]

The Explanation Of Basic Internet Terms

If you’re new to the online world, you may be confused by some of the basic terms used in conjunction with the internet, such as ‘browser’, ‘home page’ and ‘surf’. A browser is the program used to ‘surf’, or visit web sites on the internet. Some common names of browsers include Internet Explorer and Firefox. […]

File Sharing And Bandwidth Usage

There has been a lot of controversy in recent years about the legality surrounding file sharing sites, especially with the explosion in popularity of wireless internet. And now, there’s another reason for concern: the high bandwidth these types of sites use. While you may delight in easy access to the music or other media you’re […]

Mobile Internet Service – How Fast Is Fast?

You may have heard lots of talk about 3G and 4G along with LTE when reading information about mobile internet service. But what does it all mean? Basically, it all comes down to speed. 3G connections offer the ability to communicate via voice, use applications (such as Siri) and access the internet from a mobile […]